Why Does My Cat Lick Me ?

The question of why does my cat lick me is one that has been asked by many curious pet owners. After all, it seems like an odd thing to do. But there are a few reasons why cats might be licking you and your family members. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities for this behavior in cats:

– Cats often use their tongues as part of grooming themselves and each other, so they may simply enjoy having access to another warm body to groom!

– If your cat lick you around the mouth or face, it could just be because those areas have extra scent glands that produce pheromones – chemicals that contain information about who we are and what we’re feeling. The licks may also release more of these pheromones, which the cat may notice.

– Cats learn though their sense of taste and small licks to our faces or hands may be an easy way for your kitty to investigate any new smells on you. This is why some cats will lick more than usual right after a bath – it’s their way of becoming reacquainted with your natural scent!

– Like dogs, cats sometimes use licking as a sign of submission to other cats or family members. Your cat doesn’t speak English, so his licking might just be his way of saying “I’m not a threat” in another language. Simply ignore this behavior if it bothers you – chances are it will stop once the message is received that you’re not interested in a confrontation.

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– Cats lick objects and surfaces with their saliva to deposit their scents, so it could be that your cat wants to leave his scent on you, perhaps as a way of marking his territory or making himself more comfortable and familiar with you .

– If your kitty tends to bite or scratch when she’s playing, licking might be her way of saying “I’m just playing – no need to get upset” ! This doesn’t mean that your cat thinks she’s larger than life – it may simply be an easy way for her to communicate that this is just fun and games . It’s also possible that she sees you as another cat in some ways and plays the same way she would with another kitty.

– Some kitties just like to lick because they can! This may seem odd to pet owners who would prefer their cats use their tongues on toys or special “treats” rather than people, but it’s important to understand that this is not a behavior problem – if your cat wants to be groomed by you, let him! He’ll get the message pretty quickly if he doesn’t.

– Cats lick each other as part of greeting rituals in feline society. Gently touching noses and cheeks with your cat might help reinforce your relationship with her, although some cats may simply want to rub against you in place of licking.

The best way to deal with your cat licking you is simply to inform yourself about why the behavior is occurring. If it’s because your cat wants to groom you, indulge her by stroking her head or brushing her. If this licking is a sign of insecurity on your cat’s part, ignore the behavior for now and focus on giving the cat lots of loving attention. If she’s just looking to leave behind some scent markers, let her do so by gently removing her from your hands or lap after she has finished licking. Remember that licking is not always something negative – it can be a great way for cats to bond with their families!

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