Why Does My Cat Bite Me ?

Cats are often curious about people and can be sweet, loving companions. But sometimes they bite the hand that feeds them.

Biting is a natural behavior for cats to protect themselves or their territory from intruders. That’s why it’s important to understand your cat’s life before you try to change her habits.

A common reason for biting is fear of being handled, which happens when someone tries to pick up your cat without giving him enough time to get used to this person first. For example, if someone has been mean or abusive in the past, then his or her touch may cause the cat pain and confusion instead of comfort because these two sensations are so different from each other.

If you think your cat might be afraid of you, it’s best to give him a chance to get used to your presence gradually.

Touch a towel-covered scratching board or toy with a feather while he eats, and reward him if he touches them without hissing or spitting. Over time, start using the hand that holds the food while keeping the other one close by for safety. Then try touching different parts of his body while he eats.

It may take weeks for your cat to become comfortable enough with you to stop biting, but eventually she will learn how good her life is when she doesn’t have anything to fear from people around her.

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