How to Download Minecraft Windows 10?

Minecraft is a game that was released in 2011. It has since become one of the most popular games in the world, with over 100 million copies sold on PCs and mobile devices alone. It can be played by players of any age, but it’s designed for people between 8-18 years old.

The game is an open world where you explore different biomes, collect resources to craft new items, battle mobs (hostile creatures), build anything from small homes to gigantic skyscrapers with your friends online or offline, and so much more! Minecraft Windows 10 Edition includes many new features like infinite worlds and multiplayer options including 4K resolution support. The Windows 10 version also supports Xbox Live achievements as well as cross platform play with Xbox One and other devices.

The game can be played on Microsoft Windows 10 PCs, Android phones and tablets, iOS phones and Apple TV. However the mobile versions omit local multiplayer support due to technical limitations. You can find a full list of Minecraft Pocket Edition features here !

To Download Minecraft Windows 10 please visit the link below:

In order to purchase Minecraft Windows 10 from the official website you will need an Xbox account. If you do not already have one then create it now by following these steps:

Click Here To Register An Account On The Website Now!

In your web browser navigate to . On the top right-hand corner click “Sign In” . On the right-hand column under “Microsoft Accounts” click “Create An Account”.

Enter your Xbox Live email address and password. This is the email address of the account that you use to access your Xbox One console or computer, as well as any other Microsoft services including Skype and Office 365. I suggest using an existing email account if possible, but creating a new one is fine too.

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Continue filling out personal details about yourself such as your first name, last name, date of birth. The Captcha challenge may appear at this point, check the box stating that you’re not a robot then click continue .

Once you’ve finished entering details a summary will be displayed with a “Create Account” button which you can press to complete registration. Once completed you will be redirected to your Microsoft account.

This is what your account summary looks like:

If you have a Hotmail address then that’s the one that you will need for Minecraft, but if not then create a new email from here . If you already have another email address then this can be chosen instead. After downloading minecraft windows 10 please make sure to sign in with your Xbox Live email and password when prompted during the initial set up steps below, otherwise it may cause errors later on!

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition also includes both trial and full versions of Minecraft. To access each mode press “New” on the title screen or select “Play Demo” from the pause menu while playing on Survival mode. The demo version of Minecraft is fully featured, but the save game will be deleted if you purchase the full version.

The trial version of Minecraft (also known as Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta) has an infinite Play mode that can be played for 5 hours at a time before requiring a purchased activation code. The full version does not have this 5 hour limit and can be played in Survival or Creative modes without restrictions. Trial updates are released frequently so it’s worth keeping your installed copy up-to-date!

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