What Features Are Available in Windows 11?

Windows 11 is the latest and greatest release from Microsoft. It’s designed to be a more personalized experience that can work for any type of user, but still maintain a core Windows experience that people will love. If you have ever used Windows 10, you will find many familiar features in this new operating system.

There are some new features as well which we’ll talk about below!

The Microsoft Edge browser has gotten a few new upgrades. One such upgrade is the ability to annotate your screen with a stylus. This tool allows you to mark up and take notes directly on web pages. You can save them as well for future reference!

If you’re working on a project and need to access files, you will find it much easier on Windows 11. Drag and drop files from one folder to another, or access multiple files at once!

With the volume slider on the taskbar, you can change your system volume directly from your current window rather than going back and forth between apps.

With a new search feature in Windows 11, you can now search desktop, Microsoft Store apps, settings, etc. And with Cortana’s note taking ability, you can create a reminder on the fly.

Your Windows 11 experience is more personalized than ever. You are able to use your own picture or an image from Bing as the background of your lock screen!

You can also change the color of your Windows 11 interface with a new feature called Color and Appearance. With this feature, you can change the accent color to one that suits your liking!

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If you are working on something important, you will appreciate the ability to lock your computer so no one can access it while you are away. This is especially important in a business environment!

If you’re looking for a new feature in Windows 11, look no further than the My People feature. This allows you to pin up to three contacts directly to your taskbar and easily send them files or chat with them. It’s also great if you need to quickly access documents that they may have sent you!