How old Do You Have to Be to Buy Lighters?

Most people who are selling lighters will require the buyer to be of age. If they suspect that someone is underage, they can ask for identification. Most legitimate sellers will card anyone who looks younger than 30 years old. This prevents children from buying lighters and with them being able to cause problems or accidents with them.

In most districts of the United States, you have to be at least 18 years old to buy a lighter. In some places, it is 17 or 16. The age requirement will vary from state to state and from store to store.

Many states have recently passed laws which now make it illegal even for 18 year olds to buy novelty cigarette lighters, which are often made in the shape of an object often associated with youth culture, such as a toy gun or bottle of alcohol. These items are frequently found at convenience stores near the cash register where young people would be expected to purchase candy and gum, both of which are also kept at the counter to prevent shoplifting.

The following states and districts have age requirements for buying lighters: Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois (18), Indiana (18), Maryland*, Massachusetts*, Michigan*, Minnesota (16 or 17 depending on location), Nebraska*(19), Nevada*, New Hampshire*, New Jersey, North Carolina (18+ at all locations), Ohio (18+ at gas stations and 18+ underage in liquor stores), Rhode Island (17 to buy matches, 18 to buy lighters and 19 to buy cigarette lighters) South Dakota*, Tennessee*(18 + some exceptions), Texas*(21) Utah*(21-ID required/no novelty toys without ID).requires identification to purchase lighter. Vermont*(18), Virginia (21 at ABC stores).

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Washington D.C. requires those 18 and under to have a parent or guardian with them when buying matches or lighters. West Virginia (16 or 17 depending on location) Wisconsin*: ID must be produced for purchase of all lighters, including novelty lighters. Wyoming*(19).