How to Write a Hook for an Essay ?

Creativity is an essential component in a successful essay. It captures the audience’s attention and helps to keep them interested throughout the rest of your work. A hook can be used when writing an introduction or as a standalone paragraph in order to draw interest from readers. The following are some tips for creating a creative, engaging hook:

Use quotes from influential people

Quotes by respected authority figures such as politicians, celebrities, scientists etc., will give readers something new and fresh to think about while also providing credibility for your article.

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Start with the end

This technique may sound counterintuitive but it can also help you create intrigue and suspense that will make this section of your essay stand out more than any other part. Think of how the most exciting chapter in your favourite novel ends, then use it as a way to begin your introduction.

Use startling statistics

People are drawn to shocking facts and figures so this is one of the most effective ways to build intrigue when writing an introduction. Statistics have been extensively studied so they will be believed by the reader without having to worry about implausible or erroneous information.

Make your essay personal

Everyone has their own unique experiences in life that can be used in order to make any general topic more relatable for readers. For example, if you are writing about obesity in American society then beginning with a personal anecdote may help you draw attention from would-be readers who understand how difficult it is for Americans to maintain healthy lifestyles in today’s society.

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Be funny

Everyone loves to laugh, especially when reading an essay, so using humour whenever possible will help grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged in your work. As long as you’re not trying too hard to be funny then starting your essay with a witty joke or comical anecdote can prove beneficial for your overall goal of getting the reader interested in what you have to say.

The main goal when writing an introduction is making sure that it captures readers’ attention quickly and easily. If you are having trouble coming up with creative ideas for beginning your essay then following these simple steps should make this process much more manageable for you.