How to Write a Synthesis Essay ?

The synthesis essay is a form of academic writing that requires the writer to take two or more texts and use them to create an original argument, opinion, or idea. The synthesis essay can be written in one of three ways: by taking a position on the topic at hand; by drawing conclusions about the text based on evidence from both sources; or by comparing and contrasting the two texts. Synthesis essays are often used when teaching students how to write research papers because they show students what it means for their paper to be grounded in evidence.

Research has shown that people who spend time reading and writing synthesis essays do well academically because they learn how to synthesize information from many different sources into coherent arguments. Moreover, this type of critical thinking skills is valued by employers.

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The first step in writing a synthesis essay

Is to choose two or more texts, articles, or sources that are on the same topic. For example, if you want to write an essay about the role of women in ancient Greece throughout mythology, you would search through books and articles until you found ones that addressed the same topic. Popular places for finding appropriate texts might be JSTOR or Project MUSE because they are known for hosting scholarly works. You should begin looking at these resources as early as possible so that you have enough time to familiarize yourself with your sources before beginning your essay.

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Prominent scholars and academics often publish their papers and essays on topics they do not know about, yet despite this risk of inaccuracies, their works are often still cited. This suggests that it is more important for you to develop your academic career by learning how to write a synthesis essay; accurate sources make up the body of knowledge within an academic field and provide students with valuable material they can use in their own writing.

The second step in writing a synthesis essay

Is to take two or more texts and read them closely so that you have a good understanding of what they say. After this, you’ll need to analyze what your sources have written using concepts from the course that relate to the topic at hand. For instance, if one of your texts was written in Ancient Greece but relates heavily to modern society, you might want to look at writings about democracy or social order. After you have finished reading all of your sources, it is time to synthesize what they have written. Your synthesis should be an argument about the relationship between the two texts that includes a claim, evidence, and explanation. For example, you might decide that one source discusses the role of women in society whereas another considers this concept at length but from a slightly different perspective. Using this information as evidence, you can argue that although both writers talk about the role of women within their respective societies, each writer brings something unique to discussion through their contrasting uses of language or framing of ideas.

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Remember, when writing your synthesis essay it is important to include only relevant quotations from your sources- since these will help support your claim. Moreover, you should always make sure to use quotations correctly by providing quotation marks and then explaining why your passage is important.

Getting into college can be difficult, but writing a synthesis essay is one way that high school students can set themselves apart from their peers. Moreover, this essay shows colleges that you understand how to read texts critically and draw conclusions about what they say by using evidence provided in the text. This type of critical thinking skills employers look for during hiring processes so it’s important to show them that you are capable of doing this through your academic work. Writing synthesis essays also teaches you how to write research papers because it requires you collect information, analyze it thoroughly, and come up with an original argument about these sources. You should aim to be able to summarize content effectively and then link this information to your thesis.

Writing a synthesis essay is also a useful exercise because it forces you to think about the relationship between two opposing texts and then draw a conclusion about this. This can help you become more confident at writing papers that include contentious arguments or debate, which is a skill that people who go into political science, law, English, history, and other disciplines need to have. For example, if you want to become an attorney after college, being able to synthesize the stances of different lawyers would be helpful in courtroom situations as well as academic writing.

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