How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone ?

The iPhone has become a fixture of modern life. It is the device we use to stay in touch with our family and friends, it is the device we use for entertainment when we have free time, it is the device that helps us keep up with our work and responsibilities. And yet despite how central this device has become to many people’s lives, some features can be difficult to find or figure out on your own. This article will show you how to change snooze time on your iPhone.

How to change snooze time on iPhone

On most smart phones, you can set your alarm clock to play at a certain time. When the set time comes around, most phones will then go off with that traditional sound of an alarm. This is what many people are most familiar with when it comes to mobile phone usage. But for some, especially those who are waking up in the morning, this may not always be enough.

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Why do I want to change it?

There are several reasons why someone might want to alter the standard snooze feature on their device’s alarm clock setting . For one thing, not everyone wants the same amount of sleep every night. Some nights you may need more or less than others. This is especially the case when you are suffering from a sleep disorder. For another thing, some people may want to alter the snooze time for other reasons. This might be in order to remind themselves to take short breaks throughout their work day or in order to accomplish specific tasks that must be done at certain times during the day. Regardless of your reasoning, there is a way that you can alter this setting on your device.

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How do I change it?

Luckily, changing the snooze feature on an iPhone is easy . It doesn’t matter if you have iOS 7 or if your phone is running iOS 8, all versions of Apple’s mobile operating system allow users to change this setting with little effort necessary. If you would like to change how long your snooze will last on its default setting, then follow these steps.

1) Open up the Settings menu by tapping on the silver button that appears in your iPhone’s dock. If you are using an iOS 7 device all you have to do is swipe your finger from left to right across the screen until you are staring at this main menu. If you are running iOS 8 or later, then look for a grid of white dots and tap on it. This will bring up the settings menu.

2) Once the settings menu is open, find out what your current alarm time interval duration is set as. To do this, look for the words “Snooze” or “Sleep”. These two keywords should appear near the top of this main menu and indicate which duration you currently have set. If your snooze time is currently set at ten minutes, then you can simply tap on this entry to change it.

3) After tapping or clicking on “Snooze”, a list of possible times will appear. The default setting for most smart phones is “10 Minutes”, but there may be other options here as well depending on what kind of device you are using. A common option is one minute , so if you would like something closer than that, then look through this list until you find what is most comfortable for your needs . Otherwise, just tap or click on “10 Minute” and forget about changing anything else about your current settings today.

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4) What are the advantages of changing snooze time? If you would like to change your alarm clock’s snooze time, then there are many possible perks you will receive. For one thing, not everyone is a morning person, despite popular opinion. And while some people can wake up at any point within a twenty minute window without issue , others cannot . This means that in order to get them out of bed in a timely manner in the morning is often a difficult task. As a result, it becomes easy for these individuals to sleep through their alarms and miss important work or school meetings.

Furthermore, this feature might also help those who have trouble waking up when they need to do so outside of normal working hours. This is especially the case for those who have sleep disorders. And while some people may be able to wake up during certain hours by setting their alarm clocks to play a specific ringtone and nothing else, others simply won’t hear this sound if they are sleeping too heavily. This can make it hard for them to get up at times when they need to without the aid of an alarm clock set to snooze .

What are the disadvantages?

If nothing else, changing your snooze time will only take you a minute or two of effort on your part. After that, everything should go back to normal as if you had never messed with it in the first place. While there are no major consequences associated with altering this setting, there are a few problems that could arise.

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For example , some people may not like this change because they don’t like seeing the time change constantly on their alarm clocks. If you fall into this category, then consider yourself warned about what might take place should you continue down this path.


Changing your snooze feature will not be difficult to do at all . And while no one can force you to make this change, it should prove beneficial for those who have trouble waking up at different points during the day without an alarm clock’s help. By following these steps correctly, you should be able to alter your current settings within just a couple of minutes. After that, everything will go back to normal as if nothing had happened.