How to Forward Text Messages on iPhone ?

If you are a person who loves to forward text messages on iPhone, then this article is for you.

The following information will help you understand how to send your favorite message by forwarding text messages on iPhone. Forwarding text messages on iPhone can be done in a few different ways and we will discuss them below. First, let’s get the basics down! To do this, tap the “Messages” icon from your home screen or from within any other app. When you have Messages open, press the “New Message” button at the bottom of your screen which looks like an envelope with a plus sign next to it. Once that pops up just type in their phone number or email address into that box and hit “send”. Pretty easy, right? Yeah, but what if you want to forward one text message at a time? To forward individual text messages on iPhone is pretty simple and something that you will absolutely love.

Forwarding Individual Text Messages on the iPhone:

Once you have opened up any message with someone in it (you can single tap the message itself or multi tap and open it up in a conversation), there should be a box below their name where they wrote their reply to you (if they did) and above the date and time stamp of when your conversation took place. If you see this box then go ahead and press down hard on that blue arrow sending icon until another pop-up comes up asking “forward”. Once you press the forward button, a field will pop up where you can type in any additional text messages that you want to send along with this one. You can add anything from a quick “k” or “ok” or even an entire paragraph if you want to in there. Once you have typed all in all of your messages and hit the send button, a huge “forwarded” stamp should appear across their reply allowing everyone who reads that message later on to know that it was forwarded by someone else instead of written directly by them!

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Forwarding Multiple Text Messages on iPhone:

If for some crazy reason you ever need to forward more than one text message at a time (hey, we don’t judge) then you will be happy to know that this is also very simple and easy to do. To forward multiple text messages on iPhone, simply continue following the above instructions but instead of sending the message like you would normally do with one at a time, hold down your finger anywhere in their reply or conversation thread until “copy” pops up on the screen. Once it does press hard on that button and let go of your finger (this is important). Now open any other conversation and swipe through all of them individually pressing hard on each name and once where it shows the blue arrow send button, release your finger and press down hard again where it says “forward”. Once that appears go ahead and add anything you want into that little text box and then send it just like a normal text message. It should come up in the original thread with “forwarded” stamped on it for everyone to read exactly what happened!

Forwarding Text Messages from Group Chat:

One final thing you can do when forwarding text messages on iPhone is forward them from within a group chat message. If you ever find yourself in a situation where not everyone has their phones or they are asleep but need to be woken up, you can easily forward a group chat message to your phone or anyone else’s that is involved in that conversation. To do this tap the icon of a person in a list form at the top left corner of any individual group chat conversation thread. A pop-up should appear that says “Copy” press down on that blue arrow sending icon until another pop-up appears asking what you want to forward. Once it does hit the forward button and add in anything else you would like including more people if they need to be included or even your message by typing it in the place where it says “text”. Then just send it off and everyone will wake up in time for work!

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Forwarding Text Messages With Siri:

So now you know how to do it yourself but what happens when your iPhone is locked, its dark outside, or all of your thumbs are frozen because its freezing out? Hitting buttons can be hard enough but trying to type things into an iPhone keyboard while its dark can take hours! Well, luckily for you there is another way that you can forward text messages on iPhone without even having to touch your phone. All you have to do is ask Siri. To use this feature all you need to say is “Forward (name of person) (message)”, where the name of the person should be replaced with their name and the message should be what you want them texted. Then press send and it will go right off onto someone else’s phone no matter what time it is!

As long as everyone has an iPhone (and most people do) then there really isn’t a reason why they shouldn’t know how to quickly forward text messages like these steps showed here today. You never know when you may need to send an important message on to someone else in case of emergency or when they can’t pick up their phone for whatever reason. Plus, if they are in a group chat with you they don’t even have to forward them themselves, just ask Siri!

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