How to Invert Colors on iPhone?

Have you ever wanted to invert colors on iPhone but couldn’t figure out how?

Well, here is the answer. You can easily invert colors with one tap without jailbreaking your phone! There are two ways to do this, just go through the steps below and find which one suits you best. One way is by using an app called “invert”. The other way is by using a photo editing app like Photoshop or Pixlr Express. Here’s how they work:

1- Open up “invert” on your phone and tap on it once to start inverting the color of everything around you. Tap again if you want to stop inverting or if you want to revert back into normal mode.

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2- Open up a photo editing app on your phone like Photoshop or Pixlr Express . Edit the picture like you normally would and then tap on “filter”. Look for an effect that says “invert” or “negative colors” and remove it. That’s pretty much all there is to it!

Remember, inverting colors may not necessarily mean you will get great results in every picture. It really depends on how well lit the subject is so adjust accordingly.

I hope this helped you guys out! Don’t forget to share this with friends so they can enjoy their pictures as well. Thanks for reading!

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