How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password ?

iPhone is a type of smartphone that was developed and marketed by Apple. The first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007 and the most recent model is the XS Max which was unveiled on September 12, 2018.

Features of an iPhone include a large touch screen display with multi-touch capability; access to the App Store; Siri voice assistant; front and back cameras; Wi-Fi (802.11) connection; Bluetooth connectivity for wireless accessories like headsets or keyboards as well as some models having cellular phone capabilities where users can make calls over a cellular network without requiring a separate data plan from their carrier.

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In addition to Apple’s own apps such as Safari web browser and Photos photo management app, third party developers have created different apps for the iPhone (iOS) such as Instagram, Snapchat and Uber.

iPhone XS Max is available in three colors: Silver, Space Gray and Gold.

What is “Factory Teset” ?

The Factory Test Mode or “Teset” mode was created to test functions of hardware components during development. All devices start in this mode when they are booted with hardware components attached and no passcode. If your iPhone’s Screen is black and you can’t get any response from it, most likely it is in Teset Mode (also known as Device Firmware Upgrade Mode).

Why factory test mode?

Apple uses a device erase feature that remotely erases all the data from a device when they want to re-sell it. But when you enter in this mode, you will notice that the data is still present and accessible until it is overwritten with factory settings or new data.

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In case your iPhone is in Test Mode, follow these steps:

Disconnect internet connection (Wi-Fi) Open iTunes on your computer Connect your iPhone with the computer. Open iTunes and go to “My Device” window + Hold down shift key on Windows or Option/Alt key on Mac while clicking Restore in iTunes Warning pop-up will show up – just click OK After that, select the IPSW file you want to install Wait till installation finishes

If in the process of installation your iPhone gets in recovery mode, just follow these steps:

Press and hold Home button Connect your iPhone with computer in iTunes Use “Recover from backup” feature to retrieve all your data When it finishes just restart you device.

Please note that Factory Teset can not be undone. Doing this will make your device useless.

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