How to Delete Google Account?

In this article, we will discuss how to delete Google account. Google is one of the most popular websites in the world and an integral part of our lives as users.

Yet it can be a double-edged sword because if you want to leave Google behind there are a few things you need to do before deleting your account for good. The first thing is logging out from all devices that have access to your Gmail address and password, including computers, tablets and smartphones. Next, make sure you’ve deleted or archived all emails from your inbox that aren’t related to other accounts or services connected with Google such as YouTube or Chrome browser history records. Finally, go into “My Account” on the website and delete all services Google has access to – this includes other apps that you might have connected to your Gmail account.

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If you want to delete your Google account, simply go into My Account and click Delete your account or services. Then select the reason why you are deleting the account from a drop-down menu and click “continue”. There will be a confirmation page asking if you really want to go ahead with deleting your Google account which can’t be undone so read it carefully to avoid making a mistake. After clicking I agree, there’s no going back so do not delete your Google account by accident! Finally you’ll see a page where you should enter your password again and tick the final checkbox – then press “delete” or “delete Google account and data” to finalize the process.

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The best way to delete Google Account

If you are still not satisfied with your decision of deleting your Google account, there is one more thing you can try before completely deleting it – recover your account later. You will be able to return within 14 days after deletion and access all information like before (excepting Gmail) if you change your mind about leaving Google. Simply log in using your username (or phone number or alternate email address if you have any) and password that were used for logging into Gmail previously then follow the instructions on the screen. At this point, no credit card information will be saved in your new account so you won’t be charged when the time comes to activate mobile services. You will need to finalize your decision within this 14-day period of time before the automatic deletion happens and your Google Account is gone forever.

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