How to Remove Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are not as innocent as they seem. They can cause infections, allergic reactions, and even send you to the emergency room.

If you have them done at a salon, there is usually no way of knowing who has touched your eyelashes or what chemicals were used on them before they came into contact with you. If applied at home, it’s best to use sterilized tools so that you don’t risk infection from any other person who may have put them on before you did. Despite all these risks, many women still want their lashes enhanced for special occasions. If this is something that interests you then here are some tips for removing eyelash extensions safely:

1) Remove the eyelashes first by soaking in olive oil overnight. The next day, use tweezers to hold the lashes and gently tug them off your eyelids. This method will make it easier for you to see and remove the extensions one by one because you’ll be able to look through your lash line without having an obstructed view.

2) Take a shower after you soak them in olive oil. It should soften the glue that’s holding them too your eyelids making removal easier. Before getting into the water, bring your eyes close together and lightly rub them with two fingers (one on each side). Then place both palms over your closed eyes and press against them firmly while rinsing away all of the oil from your lids so they won’t get irritated when exposed to water.

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3) After a few hours, use tweezers to remove any lashes that came loose from the oil. Be very careful because the glue is still soft and sticky enough for you to accidentally pull out natural lashes along with fake ones.

4) Shorten your extensions by using tweezers to pluck off one lash at a time. If they’re too long, this will also cause discomfort as you try to fall asleep or stay awake throughout the night. You can always cut them down yourself but it’s best if you do so after removing them first instead of while wearing them on your eyelids because doing so may damage your real lashes as well.

5) Use eye drops every four hours until all of the extensions come off. This will not only make the process easier, but it will also help reduce pain and swelling in your eyes. Remember to also wear sunglasses when you go outdoors because your eyes are still sensitive even after the extensions come off.

6) Use baby oil to remove any excess glue that may be sticking to your eyelids or lashes. This is best done while wearing disposable contact lenses, which you should definitely throw out if you’re planning on having them removed soon anyway. Make sure that there’s no leftover makeup around the base of your lash line before applying fresh mascara.

7) Take three aspirin every four hours until the discomfort subsides following removal of the lash extensions . You can take Ibuprofen if you don’t have any aspirin in the house. The aspirin will reduce the swelling, pain, and redness in your eyes.

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And there you have it! Smoother lashes without dying or going to the emergency room! For more beauty tips, check out this article on how to have perfect looking eyelashes .