How Much do LVN Make in California? Find Out Here

A Little History about LVN Salaries

The first set of federal regulations for Registered Nurses came with the Nurse Practice Act in 1981 which was passed by Congress. It provided guidelines for all state boards to follow when they were regulating nursing practices. The Nursing Practice Act also established licensure. The initial license was valid for five years and it took effect on January, 1987.

This act regulates all nurses, including Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs). The act states that an LVN can practice nursing, but is limited to working under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed physician. This means that if they are overseeing the care that an LVN provides, then they must be present with them at all times. They must also be in the immediate area and available if needed. The supervision also applies when they are documenting patient information, such as administering medications or writing reports.

If an LVN works for a home health agency, then the supervision is not required 24 hours a day, but must be given during certain key times. This means that nursing assistants can take vital signs and provide feeding tube feedings without having to be monitored by a registered nurse at all times. If you want to know more about what an LVN does, check out our article here.

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Every state has its own set of laws, so there may be slight differences between them when it comes to how these provisions apply to different agencies and facilities. However, most states have similar language that provide strict guidelines to protect the public.

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Properly Licensed Vocational Nurses are regulated by state agencies, so they must meet the educational requirements set forth by each state board for licensure. When it comes to education, states can allow or require different training options, which include diploma courses or degree programs. This depends on what you have already done in your career and what is required in your area of employment. Most employers prefer LVN candidates who have at least one year of experience as a nursing assistant before applying. Many facilities and medical offices offer opportunities for new graduates to work with their first few months of school paid through an internship program. If there is not such opportunity available then many nurses rely on working as a nursing assistant to pay for their LVN training.

How Much do LVN Make?

The salary for Licensed Vocational Nurses will depend on the state where you work and what type of agency or facility hires you. The national average as of 2010 was around $30,000 a year with some employers offering better pay if you have more experience working as a nurse aide or as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). This is not always true though because it depends on whether there are enough nurses in the area to fill every open position. Some facilities may choose to hire a less experienced nurse because they can pay them lower wages. However, this should not prevent anyone from finding the best opportunity that fits their qualifications and budget.

Proper certification is needed to work as an LVN in California, but you can still find employment in other states if you are willing to relocate. If you would like to know how much do LVN make in California, then read on.

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California employers must adhere to the following salary schedule which was established by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) for 2010:

Between $20, 616 and $37, 649 per year for Nursing Assistants with no prior experience.

Between $20, 616 and $40, 779 per year for Licensed Vocational Nurses with one year of experience.

Between $21, 482 and $41, 925 per year for LVNs who have two years of experience working in an acute care setting.

The average earnings range will be from $23, 870 to $43, 075 per year.

Some employers may pay more or less depending on the region and how much demand there is for a qualified LVN in that area. If you are new to California then check out our article here where we tell you how to become a nurse aide in your state as well as what does an LVN do.