How Much Does a Cruise Ship Captain Make? Find Out Here

A captain is the one who is responsible for the safe navigation of a vessel. The term “captain” is usually reserved for these who are in charge of cargo ships, fishing boats, or sea vessels. Cruise Ship Captains are responsible for maintaining the safety and order aboard the ship that they are in charge off. They are also responsible for communicating with officials on shore about any issues that may arise during the voyage.

How Much Does a Cruise Ship Captain Make?

Cruise ship captains are responsible for the safety of the passengers in their care, in addition to making sure that all regulations in regards to the vessel are followed. They also oversee any work that is done in connection with maintenance and cleaning, as well as inspect engineering compartments regularly. The salary of cruise ship captains varies depending on where they work and what type of vessel they manage.

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How Much Do They Make Per Year?

Salaries for captains vary according to different aspects such as length of service, experience, location where he/she is working at, whether the position is part time or full time etc. Based on American Jobs website (, an average annual pay for a cruise ship captain is estimated to be around $65000 per year.

How Much Do They Make Per Hour?

Hourly rates for a cruise ship captain are usually between $19-26. The average hourly pay for a first level employee is around $19, whereas senior or experienced workers make an average of about $25 per hour.

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