How Much is a Nose Job? Find Out Here

A Nose Job, also known as rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of a person’s nose.

Many people have concerns when they think about going through a rhinoplasty procedure. These concerns can range from if it will look natural or if it will hurt. A lot of the time, people don’t find out what a good rhinoplasty procedure entails until they start doing research.

Estimated Cost of A Nose Job

The cost for rhinoplasty at Elite Plastic Surgery ranges between $6000-$8000 plus anesthesia and operating room charges.

This is a wide range, however, because the cost depends on many factors. The most important of which are what type of procedure is being done and how much time it will take to perform.

At Elite Plastic Surgery, the least expensive procedure is just taking out nasal polyps for $6000. For this same price, you could also get an open rhinoplasty. This involves doing an incision from inside your nose or lips to make sure that there are no additional problems with breathing after surgery has been completed.

If someone were looking for cosmetic purposes only, open rhinoplasty would not be the best option since it involves more time spent in surgery and more discomforts after surgery as well. For example, if someone were getting an “open” rhinoplasty they would most likely have their face completely wrapped in bandages for at least a week.

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If someone wanted to get rid of external deformities that are bringing down the appearance of their nose, then closed rhinoplasty may be the best option. These procedures are less extensive and take shorter amount of time to complete. The price can range anywhere from $6000-$8000 dollars on average. When deciding what type of surgery is right for you, it’s important to talk with your doctor about all different options before making your final decision.

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People who are looking for some aesthetic changes in their look should not expect any problems with cost since this is open surgery which does not require cutting the skin.

How long will it take?

One of the most common concerns people have about a nose job is how long it will take to recover from the surgery. The typical recovery time for a “nose job” is between one and two weeks, but can last up to a month depending on what type of procedure you have done.

If someone were going in for cosmetic purposes only they would most likely be able to return back to work within seven days. Also, there should not be any kind of issues with activities that do not involve strenuous physical activity or contact sports periods after this event has passed. Open rhinoplasty takes longer to recover from since it involves more surgical incisions and removing bone from the face causes more bruising and swelling around the eyes. For this reason, the patient would be required to wear bandages around their head for up to a week after surgery has finished.