How to Change iPhone Name?

The iPhone has become a common item in the world. It is easy to use, offers great customer service and has an amazing product line. However, sometimes people want more than just one phone for themselves or their company.

Sometimes, you need two phones with different numbers so that you can have privacy when needed. Other times, you might need to change your iPhone name on your account because of legal reasons or otherwise personal preferences. Whatever the reason may be for wanting to change your iPhone name, it will not be difficult if you follow this guide! All you have to do is go through these simple steps:

How to Change iPhone Name?

1) Go into Settings by clicking on “Settings” at the bottom of any screen;

2) Click on “General”

3) Scroll down until you see “About” and click on it;

4) You will now see your iPhone name under the general information about your phone.

5) After clicking on “Name,” you can type in whatever you want to be your new name for your phone!

This is all there is to it because Apple makes it so easy for its customers to change their iPhones names if they choose to do so. All you have to do is follow these simple steps, and no one will ever know that you had any other name than the one displayed on your device.

Good luck!

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