Why is My Dog Shaking ?

There are many reasons why a dog might shake. The most common of these has to do with the animal’s temperature regulation system, which regulates their body temperature through shivering. This means that if your dog is shaking, they may be too cold or too hot. You can tell by feeling their ears and looking at their gums for signs …

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How Long is a Dog Pregnant?

Many people have heard about how a dog’s pregnancy lasts for sixty-seven days. The truth is, the term “dog months” has no bearing on gestation length. It merely means that it takes twice as many hours to reach adulthood as a human baby does. This is because a dog matures at two times the rate of a human being, which …

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How Much Benadryl Can i Give My Dog ?

There are many reasons that people might want to know how much Benadryl can they give their dog. But the most common reason is because of allergies. It’s important to understand what levels of medication are safe for your pet, and which ones aren’t. This article will offer some good information on this topic, but it may be best if …

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